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  1. We are a caring group of Seventh-day Adventist Christians who fellowship and worship together.  We come from many ethnic backgrounds, languages and cultures.  We are Midwest and speak English predominately, but we are also African-American, Jamaican, Rwandan, Karen, Haitian, Hispanic and Korean. You will also hear Spanish, Kinyarwandan, Karen, Korean, French, and possibly more!  We refer to Saturday as Sabbath so if someone wishes you a "Happy Sabbath"!  It's just our friendly greeting and you can say "thank you" or wish the person "Happy Sabbath" back if you want.
  2. We meet at 325 N. Alpine Road in Rockford, IL 61107.  
  3. Our services are held each Saturday.  We have 2 parts to our service. 
    9:30 am to 10:30 am.  Bible study or Sabbath School. We have classes for all ages.  Children's classes are held in our lower level which is to the right and downstairs.  Once downstairs, you will see restrooms on the left and the children's classes hallway to the right.  
    10:30-10:45 am Break: Time to pick up children, meet friends, a restroom visit, or a drink
    10:45-11 am  Pre Worship: In the main sanctuary there is a mission video, announcements
    11 am-12:30 pm Our worship service consists of music, an offering, a children's story and a message by one of our pastors or elders.
  4. Adult Bible study groups are held by language in the main sanctuary straight ahead of you when you come in the door.  Children's study groups are in the lower level, see #3.
  5. We all dress differently.  Some of us prefer to be more formally dressed in a suit & tie or dress.  Some of us are more comfortable in slacks or jeans.  Many Adventists don't wear jewelry but some of us do.  However you prefer to dress is fine and we welcome you!
  6. We LOVE OUR CHILDREN here at Rockford Adventist Church!!  From infants to high school and beyond!  We have multiple children's Bible study groups with lots of songs and fun activities planned each week.  We welcome you to stay with your child(ren) if you desire or attend an adult study.    
  7. We have a small parents' room with a restroom, several rocking chairs, diaper changing table, and a nursing screen.  It is located outside the sanctuary and has a large glass window.  There is no church volunteer who manages this room. 
  8. The restrooms are in the lower level as described in #3.  There is a small restroom in the parents' room but it is primarily intended for parents, small children and people not able to use the stairs.
  9. Yes and no.  Yes, the sanctuary is handicap accessible but the restrooms, sadly, are not.  We are working hard to fix this problem.