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Leaders: Get your event dates published! What this form is for...

A years worth of calendar dates ONLY-- this is NOT the form to request a single use of a room in the church or school. ONLY for church sponsored Ministries, Pathfinders, or Adventurers. Leaders with a year's worth of meeting dates please add a PDF of the file to this form. Thank you!

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4/25/2022 Board Meeting - Motion 20220425-07 - no outside rental of the Church, School, Kitchen, Fellowship Hall or Gym.  

Rental form for Kitchen/Fellowship Hall/Gym: All requests to use our facilities will need to be board approved. First priority is given to church ministries.   Second priority is for active church members.  Until board approval is granted, all dates requested are reserved but not final.  PLEASE check the online calendar on our website.  All dates that are approved and *tentative* are listed there.  Questions?  Please contact the clerk.

      PDF- print then fill out the form, turn in to Pastor, Elder, or Clerk

      Online form below:

Plan ahead - Ministry leaders remember to get your events approved by the church board!

Filling out this form online or on paper will get your event added to the next agenda but you will need to make sure you 1) attend the next board meeting to share the details of your event with the board or 2) have shared the details with a church board member who will present your event for you. The board prefers to hear from the ministry leader personally, but recognizes there are times when you can’t make a meeting. By requesting use you are accepting responsibility for making sure the facilities are left in good condition as shown in the photos posted on the walls in the areas. Failure to keep the facilities in good condition, may result in your ministry not being able to use them again.



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